[thim-heading heading_primary=”WELCOME” heading_secondary=”Restaurant La Cigale” description=”Our Chefs peel, émincent, emulsify, roast, grillent, grab, poêlent, flake, stand and awaken your taste buds to gourmet flavors of Madagascar, Provence and the world ...
Our Chefs will offer a familiar yet refined cuisine in their kitchen with European standards”]
[thim-heading heading_primary=”” heading_secondary=”” description=”You will discover products and Malagasy local Provencal cuisine.
Enjoy your lobster, your cicada, basket fisherman, your fish soup from Marseille ....
Nos desserts maison aux parfums exotiques de notre Île.”]
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[thim-heading heading_primary=”Why choose the restaurant La Cigale?” heading_secondary=”Pour sa cuisine gastronomique mais aussi….”]
  • Home cooking
  • Malagasy cuisine
  • Provencal cooking
  • Dessert houses
  • Sea food
  • children's menu
  • Terrace
  • Wifi
  • Air-conditioned room
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